It’s not IF you’ll have a cyber attack.
It’s WHEN.

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Projected amount of damage caused by cybercrime by 2021

What We Do

Cyber attacks are the fastest growing crime in the U.S. and one of the biggest threats to global society. Cybercrime could cost companies $6 trillion in damage by 2021, double the number in 2015 (Cybersecurity Ventures). If your organization doesn’t have a robust cyber security strategy, you could be the next victim. AGB Cyber has the tools and expertise to protect your organization against myriad digital threats.


IT Security Consulting

Before we can protect a company, we need to understand their risk. Our consulting services include cyber penetration testing, comprehensive risk assessment, and social engineering engagement, with a special focus on work from home risk assessment.

Global Security Operations Center

AGB Cyber builds and maintains your cybersecurity defenses using active surveillance and analysis through our Security Operations Center (SOC). We combine those services with the most effective methodologies, industry-recognized tools, and best practices to protect your digital assets.

Digital Security / Information Networks

We are specialists in digital compliance, helping companies meet regulatory requirements for securing their data. We can perform comprehensive security audits, identify gaps, and create corrective plans for meeting federal compliance standards.

COVID-19 has brought an avalanche of work and stress on cybersecurity professionals. We can take that off your plate.

The Remote Work-Cybercrime Connection

The pandemic forced companies and agencies worldwide to have their employees work from home in 2020. Advances in technology made that switch a fairly easy one, but it also exposed organizations to increased risk. Many CEOs, IT directors and cybersecurity managers have been asking:

  • What are the cybersecurity risks of having a mobile or remote workforce?
  • What steps should I take to secure my data?
  • Are remote employees more vulnerable to attacks than in-office staff?
  • Are my applications secure enough for a remote workforce?
  • How much money is at risk if we have a breach?

AGB Cyber recommends a thorough risk assessment to help your company prepare for and respond to any threats, and also to protect your company’s good standing.

How much do you know about cyber risks?

Download our list of the top cybersecurity myths.

More than 70% of IT professionals report a cybersecurity skills shortage in their organizations. Find out how we can fill that gap. (Source; ESG/ISSA 2020)