IT Security Consulting

With technology evolving faster than ever, it’s essential to stay on top of the latest threats to information security. Our consulting services evaluate those risks from myriad angles to create a comprehensive security profile for your organization. From there, we build a framework for securing your digital assets.

Penetration Testing

To protect you from cybercrime, we think like hackers and look for weaknesses to exploit in your ecosystem. Our penetration tests thoroughly assess the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your network, from the outside and within. These tests allow us to find and fix chinks in your armor before an attacker does.

Work-From-Home & In-Office Risk Assessments

Millions of Americans shifted to teleworking in 2020 because of the global pandemic. According to the FBI, this shift has resulted in a 400% increase in cybercrimes, including stealing data and wreaking havoc. AGB Cyber specializes in risk assessments for companies with remote workforces, as well as traditional office environments. We can help you prepare for and respond to any threats, and also protect your company’s good standing.

Social Engineering Engagement

The best cybersecurity plans are destined to fail if employees aren’t aware of risks or lack the proper security training. With social engineering engagement, our expert analysts attempt to gain unauthorized access to confidential information by manipulating your employees. Then we provide you with the education and resources to avoid social engineering attacks.

Wireless Assessment

No wireless network is perfectly safe all the time. Hackers often do their dirty work virtually, without setting foot on your property. Our wireless tests replicate those attacks, so that we can determine how easy it is to penetrate your wireless network. We identify weaknesses in your network’s configuration and implementation, and then provide clear recommendations for addressing them.

Application Testing

Web applications pose a unique set of threats to your cybersecurity. The best way to strengthen those defenses is through app testing. Our experts analyze your online app security profile, looking for opportunities to access sensitive information or gain unauthorized access. They use manual methods to identify weaknesses that automated scanning tools often miss.

Security Training

Your organization is only as secure as your people make it. Proper training and compliance with security protocols is essential for your employees. We can customize a security best practices program for your infrastructure, operations, and personnel. Our training services will increase your staff’s security awareness, help them recognize threats, and improve compliance with your required protocols.

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