Who We Are

AGB Cyber Division is a branch of AGB Investigative Services, the nation’s largest Black-owned security firm. We are an award-winning company that provides innovative security services and training programs for private businesses and government agencies.

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Our Philosophy

AGB stands for “Always Giving Back,” and this dedication to helping others is deeply embedded in the culture of our company. AGB Innovative Security Solutions, and the AGB Cyber Division are vehicles in our mission to eliminate economic inequities through training and smart security services that protect people, property, and data. Our efforts are focused on minorities in underserved communities, particularly on the South side of Chicago.

Our History

John Griffin Jr., the CEO & Co-Founder of AGB, grew up in Englewood, one of the most high-risk neighborhoods in all of Chicago. He and his wife, Dr. Denitra Griffin, placed the ministry of giving back at the heart of AGB. Since 2001, AGB has created thousands of professional opportunities for adults, particularly people of color in underserved neighborhoods.

Our Mission for AGB Cyber

Through AGB Cyber Division, we are working to bridge the racial gap in the tech industry with career development and support. When the top tech companies conducted their first diversity reports back in 2014, Black professionals made up just 7% of the high tech sector and less than 1% of executives.

At Google and Microsoft, the share of US technical employees who are black or Latinx rose by less than a percentage point since 2014. The share of black technical workers at Apple is unchanged at 6 percent, less than half blacks’ 13 percent share of the US population.

Wired magazine

Those numbers have barely budged over the years, and AGB is out to change that. It is our goal to help move that needle forward using AGB’s programs for workforce development, financial wellness, and philanthropy.

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